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10 Automatic Waterer Cups

Item Description:This Cup is a great way to Provide Fresh Water, on Demand to your Birds.Filled..

6 water System kit

Comes With:‚Äč5 T's6 clips6 drinkers8 feet tubing 15 Clamp hose 1 Valve ..

Caster Wheel Kit

4- Wheel Set for Battery Cages 4" inches  diameter, this will increase 5" inches to the stand, ..
Feeder / eggs Proteccion Feeder / eggs Proteccion

Feeder / eggs Proteccion

36" 0r 30"Feeder / eggs Protection . Ideal to protect your Quail from predators and other ..
$10.99 $5.99

Heavy Duty Divider for Quail Breeding Pens

 Side Partitions for Quail Breeding Pens ..

Set of 4 Waterer Cup

4 Cups,4 T's and 4 clips  to attach the drinker to wire.Very easy and simple to install almost ..

Set of 5 Waterer Cup with a PVC Slip

5 set of Automatic Cup/ plunger style Drinker with a built in Plunger Float that..
Stainless Quail Egg Scissor Stainless Quail Egg Scissor

Stainless Quail Egg Scissor

  Stainless Quail Egg Scissor Feature:  -Perfect Tool, especially designed for easy and cl..

Valve Adapter Bucket to hose

2 Valve to connect to your bucket and Hose from any cagesBUCKET-> VALVE->HOSE FROM CAGE..
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