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Wynola Ranch


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  • - 22" Quail Cage Community

    Single unit Cage you can keep them in a breeder setup or a community setup

    * Cages are shipped assembled only assembly required is the stand

    * Heavy duty, high grade 14 gauge wire (GAW) and Metal side to prolong

    the Life of the Cage

    * "" PVC "" Covered Heavy gauge wire flooring to prevent injuries on the birds feet

    * We recommend a capacity of around 12 birds in a comfortable Humane manner with

  • enough room to run around for a Good result in Egg production and Meat in our opinion.

    In certain industrial opinions They tend to say that cages with similar

    measurement can fit 20

  • -24 quails, but it all depends on what results you want when harvesting time


  • Realistically speaking.


    * " Total Cage Dimensions Single unit " (Width: 23 1/2", Depth: 24", H:18")

    (that means it includes the stand and the whole floor with the eggs catcher)

    Rectangular structure very versatile, carriers are fully Galvanized sheet metal,

    very strong body construction,

     "" Cage are able to be stacked up 5 cages high "".

    * Proper Egg slope eggs roll out in front of the cage under the feeder.

    * Feeder and trays made of Galvanized sheet metal

    * Fully modular system meaning Cages can be added with ease in the future.

    * Feeders have Feed Containing/Protector Edge

    * Very reliable compared to the Plastic cages that are disposable


·         1 Cage 

·         2 Heavy duty Drinkers

( if have any drinker preference please let us know to switch)

·         1 Sheet Metal Tray

·         1 Sheet metal feeder

·         1 Stand

·         1 "Free" Adapter Water Hose to Container

·         1 Barbed Tee and Hose 

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