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36" H. D Triple Rack Quail Cage Breeding & Community Cage (4 Sections)


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Wynola Ranch


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Quail cage dimensions are: L:36” xW:24” xH:8”

Total battery dimensions are L:37” xW:24” xH:60”

Cage stand is designed so the operator does not kneel to check and maintain their quails also help to keep them away from small pets.



·                  2 Heavy duty community cages

·                  1 Heavy duty breeder cage

·                  6 automatic drinking cups

·                  1 stand

·                  3 waste trays

·                  Hose assembly

·                  Stand and backstrap couplings

·                  Metal screws

·                  Mounting nuts and bolts

·                  1 hose to water reservoir adapter




·        Quail Breeder Cage setup with 4 sections (1 cage Breeding and Two Community Cages) compartments.

·        Cages are fully assembled

·        Wire is high grade Galvanized Steel, making it a long lasting and easy for cleaning the floor.

·        The welded wire on the floor is 1/2" by 2" heavy duty 14-gauge wire to prevent injuries on the bird’s feet lets droppings pass with ease.

·        Feeders have a generous amount of feed meaning less trips for the operator thus less maintenance we recommend you use mash feed to minimize waste

·        The stand is made from zinc plated high grade mid strip steel for durability and longer life.

·        Rectangular structure makes the cage very versatile.

·        UV resistant will not become brittle or crystalize over time like other materials

·        Side panel are made from solid galvanized sheet metal.

·        Cage is equipped with a proper egg slope, so eggs can roll out under the feed trough

·        Gap is wide enough, so standard jumbo eggs can roll through with ease. No need to open to cage.

·        You can adjust the cages slope using the oval orifices on the sides, until desired roll slope.

·        You can position the cups inside or outside the cage.

·        This Includes a hose adapter to water reservoir for any water reservoir

·        Galvanized Sheet metal manure Trays for easy and hygienic cleaning. 

·        Simple to assemble.





Note: Cage height increases 1 inch depending on what size caster you choose either 3-inch or 4-inch casters.

We do not recommend using Small casters because they are more prone to get stuck easily on the ground’s imperfections.



Delivered by UPS STANDARD also may use USPS and FEDEX depending on location. Shipping usually, takes 3-14 business days. Shipping available to all 49 states (Alaska). Be prepared to receive 6 large packages with all the hardware inside. Each package is weighing approximately 30lbs give or take.

We will use the most reliable shipping method in your area and track it by GPS step by step depending whether you purchase the insurance.  




Please keep in mind all cages are pre-assembled for quality control and inspected to ensure all parts are present and accounted for, prior to even being packaged and overall to make sure your system works and so we can make sure your requirements are filled

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