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36" H.D Double Rack Community Quail Pen (Full Sections)


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Wynola Ranch


Quail Community Cage setup with 2 Full  compartments
Cage is fully assembled.
Includes. 2 cages, 2 
Feeders, Auto drinkers, Stand ,2 Trays ,Hose ,Couplings and Hardware
Galvanized Sheet metal manure Trays for easy cleaning.  
*Simple to assemble. 

Product Description
Quail Breeder Cage setup with 2  compartments. Cage is fully assembled.(Includes. 2 cages, 2 Feeders  ,Auto drinkers, Stand ,2 Trays ,Hose ,Couplings and Hardware )Wire is  high grade Galvanized Steel, very long lasting and easy for cleaning the floor wiring is 1/2" by 2" Heavy Duty 14 gauge wire. To prevent injuries on the birds feet . Rectangular  structure makes cages modular .
Made out of galvanized Sheet metal siding.
With Proper egg slope  ,so the eggs come out to front with a open gap so standard jumbo eggs go through easily.
No need to open to cage. You can adjust the cages slope using the oval slits on the sides so the slope is light enough so the eggs don't break.
 Automatic cup  drinkers with high capacity. You can position the cups  outside the cage.
​This Includes hoses, coupling  and ""Adapter"" for any water container of your choice.
Galvanized Sheet metal feeders with "feed containing edge protector " for minimal waste.
Galvanized Sheet metal manure Trays for easy cleaning. 
Simple to assemble.
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